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A collection of the most popular design pattern tutorials made by INTEGU. The tutorials include everything from theory, practical examples, videoes, class diagram, and code snippets.


Composite Pattern

The composite design pattern is intended for structuring data classes with a relationship to each other. It categorizes the data as either a composite- or and leaf class, which determines whether other classes can be stored within the class. For this reason, it should come as no shock that it is a structural design pattern.

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Builder Pattern

The Builder Pattern helps separating the construction of complex objects from the context where they are needed. Additionally, the pattern also contains different variations of objects which have a common construction procedure.

This makes the builder pattern convenient to use when complex objects needs to be created and well aligned with the Single Responsibility Principle. (SRP)

Given that the builder pattern sets up a method for constructing new objects, it is understandably categorized as a creational design pattern.

Decorator-Pattern-Whiteboard - INTEGU

Decorator Pattern

The reasoning for using the Decorator Pattern is to obtain the advantages of class inheritance within a dynamic context. (aka. at runtime.) This allow objects to add and remove additional features while the program is running instead of specifically declaring it when the program compiles.

INTEGU - Factory-Design-Pattern-Overview

Factory Pattern

As arguably the most popular creational design pattern, the factory pattern provides guidelines for how to flexibly and conveniently create different objects with the same method, by only changing the method’s argument. Utilizing the factory pattern in the creation of objects allows all complexities of the creation to be hidden away. Simultaneously the factory can be designed to create any variation of an object, as long as all objects extend from the same super-class.


Observer Pattern

The Observer Pattern is a frequently used and very practical design pattern. Mastering this pattern will probably be a great help for any developer. As a behavioral pattern, the observer pattern provides one object with a loosely couple method of informing multiple objects of property changes.

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