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Builder Pattern

The Builder Pattern helps separating the construction of complex objects from the context where they are needed. Additionally, the pattern also contains different variations of objects which have a common construction procedure.

This makes the builder pattern convenient to use when complex objects needs to be created and well aligned with the Single Responsibility Principle. (SRP)

Given that the builder pattern sets up a method for constructing new objects, it is understandably categorized as a creational design pattern.


Observer Pattern

The Observer Pattern is a frequently used and very practical design pattern. Mastering this pattern will probably be a great help for any developer. As a behavioral pattern, the observer pattern provides one object with a loosely couple method of informing multiple objects of property changes.


Strategy Pattern

The Strategy Pattern (aka. Policy Pattern), is perhaps one of the most simple design patterns of all. However, just because it is considerably simpler than other patterns does not mean that it is less valuable. Perhaps even the opposite. As a Behavioral Pattern, the strategy pattern provides objects with the ability to change their behavior (aka. strategy). 

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