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INTEGU is a software development blog intended for curious developers. Here you will be able to learn about various topics related to programmering skills, problems, and lifestyle.

The field of programming is constantly changing and so should your skillset. Checkout the skill building section to learn valuable skills and tools, which will ensure you stay up to speed.

Beside my job and blog, I occasionally develop and publish new apps. Here I showcase my latest and most relevant project, meanwhile highlighting the technologies behind.

Whether it is part of skill building tutorials or showcasing new smartphone apps, it is requried by software developers to maintain and large knowledge of developer technologies. This include everything from SQL to Firebase utilities.

I like to share my thoughts on software development. How should SCRUM teams be facilitated, is remote work beneficial, how can a code review be improved?
Who know? let’s talk about it!

Design Patterns

INTEGU includes a large variety of skills building articles. Articles which can help developers at any stage achieve a better understanding on topics varying from:


Latest Blog Posts

INTEGU - Remote debug Java service
☕ Developer Blog
How-to: Remote debug a Java-Service

How-To: How-To: Remote Debug A Java-Service​​
A IDE with remote debugging capabilities. For the purpose of this guide, we shall use the IntelliJ IDE from Jetbrains.

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View Tcpdump data in wireshark - INTEGU
☕ Developer Blog
How-to: View TcpDump data in Wireshark

How-to: View TcpDump data in Wireshark Introduction The objective of this guide is to inform …

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INTEGU - IDA-SFA - Presentation
☕ Developer Blog
IDA/SFA – Military Drones and development of military technologies

IDA/SFA – Military Drones and development of military technologies Presentation In the spring of 2024 …

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INTEGU - Artifactory - Jfrog
☕ Developer Blog
How to manage internal/external package with Artifactory

How to manage internal/external package with Artifactory How to implement Artifactory NPM registry for internal …

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INTEGU - Docker
☕ Developer Blog
How to enter a Docker container from CI/CD-pipeline build job

Debugging Docker on CI/CD How To Enter A Docker Container From CI/CD-Pipeline Build Job How …

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INTEGU - What is Ansible
☕ Developer Blog
Introduction to Ansible

Ansible is a tool invented for making depoyment of applications and environments effefortless and reliable. The tool is developed and maintained by Red Hat, making it dependent on a Rat Hat distribution of Linux.

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Hi, I'm the Author

My name is Daniel H. Jacobsen and I’m a dedicated and highly motivated software developer with a masters engineering degree within the field of ICT. 

I have through many years of constantly learning and adapting to new challenges, gained a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to stay up to date with new technologies, tools and utilities. 

The purpose of this blog is to share both my learnings and knowledge with other likeminded developers as well as illustrating how these topics can be taught in a different and alternative manner.

If you like the idea of that, I would encourage you to sign up for the newsletter.

Cheers! 🍺


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